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What to focus on when extruding aluminum profile enclosures?

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The production of the profile covering requires to be within the selected warm aluminum extrusion processing temperature range. According to the alloy make-up as well as the type of aluminum profile shell, the circulation speed can be varied in a very large range of 0.5-100m/ minutes or even more.


Aluminum profile producers squeeze out a variety of different aluminum alloy profiles daily. Amongst them, the covering aluminum profile is a fairly usual one. The aluminum extrusion enclosure generally has higher decorative requirements, and also some shells have relatively thin wall surface thickness. What are the issues that need to be taken notice of when squeezing out aluminum profile covers?


1. Pick the appropriate extruder as well as the extrusion ratio ought to be reasonable. Especially when the thin-walled aluminum profile is extruded, the force is relatively huge, and the extrusion ratio will certainly be really important.

2. Straightening out, the extruded aluminum profile needs to be adjusted to a temperature level listed below 60 levels. Stretching is called for when straightening, as well as attention needs to be paid when extending, due to the fact that the aluminum profile has not been aging following being squeezed out, it is fairly soft, and it is very easy to flaw if it is extended way too much.

3. Usage ideal clamps for stretching, specifically shell aluminum profiles, and try to regulate the deformation within 1%. Not just components however likewise higher requirements for the proficiency of employees.

4. Pay attention to the force of little feet, slim teeth, long legs, arc surfaces, likely surfaces, openings, point of views, etc. of profiles with high width-to-thickness proportions, long overhangs, large arcs, huge distinctions in wall surface density, odd forms, etc. To avoid the occurrence of problems such as deformation, turning, and spiraling of aluminum profile parts or point-like ranges.

5. Since the top has the result of warm resistance, the freshly extruded aluminum profile requires to be transformed regularly throughout the cooling process to stay clear of local intense places brought on by unequal air conditioning, particularly for large cross-section and thick aluminum profiles.

6. Take care to prevent scrubbing when redeeming and relocating, leave a gap in between each product, as well as separate each layer of product with woolen. The bending and also discharge length of aluminum profiles ought to be refined in time.


Specifically,when the thin-walled aluminum profile is extruded, the pressure is reasonably large, and the extrusion ratio will be extremely essential.

Extending is needed when aligning, and attention should be paid when stretching, because the aluminum profile has actually not been aging just after being extruded, it is fairly soft, and it is simple to deform if it is stretched as well a lot.

Use suitable clamps for extending, especially shell aluminum profiles, and also try to manage the contortion within 1%.


The criteria for determining the allowable steel flow rate of aluminum extrusion handling for aluminum profile shells is that no surface area fractures, scribes, bonding tools as well as other surface area defects appear, as well as make sure that the cross-sectional geometric measurements of the aluminum profile shell are steady without wrinkles or waves. As well as other problems


This handling technique is a lot more cost-effective and also appropriate for aluminum alloy material handling and production plants with small order batches and also several varieties and specs. Various aluminum profile suppliers squeeze out different aluminum profile shells every day. Everyone must pay focus on the above 6 points to avoid extrusion issues of aluminum profile covers and affect the high quality of refined parts.

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