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What is an aluminum frame?

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It can make daily life more convenient when we talk about aluminum frame, which can be found everywhere. The frames of windows and doors, office partitions, assembly lines in warehouses and offices, solar system railings and frames, etc. These are all fabricated using aluminium, a highly functional material. Frame profiles are made from aluminum alloy 6000 series material by hot melting, extrusion and aging.

Advantages of Aluminum Frame Profile

As is known to all, aluminum frame can be used in construction and industrial domain due to varies of advantages.

  • Aluminum profile metal density is only 2.70 g/cm3, about 1/3 that of steel, copper or iron.

Therefore, this kind of lightweight metal is easy to distinguish from other metals. In addition to being widely used in daily life, structural parts made of aluminum and its alloys are very important in the aerospace industry, as well as in the fields of transportation and structural materials.

  • It adopts hot and cold processing and has strong corrosion resistance.

After quenching treatment and aging, the strong corrosion resistance can effectively resist harsh environment, making aluminum profiles more durable.

  • It has good ductility and can make light alloy with many metal elements.

The combination of various metals makes the aluminum alloy have different characteristics. Trace copper can make the alloy more ductile, and manganese can make the alloy harder.

  • Plasticity, good productivity, for production has a very good advantage.

Different frame cross sections are available. Reasonable and stable internal hollow structure can not only save material but also achieve the effect of weighing support. Easy to cut and assemble, convenient and swift.

  • The surface treatment performance is good.

The aluminum frame profile surface can be colored by varies of treatments.

Such as Powder Coating in RAL Color, Anodizing(AA10/15/20/25), Sandblasting, Brushing, Mechanical/Chemical  Polishing, Wood grain coated (Wooden transfer), PVDF, Matt, etc.

  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable, cost-effective.

Raw materials are precious resources, the aluminum frame profile can be used for secondary recycling to achieve environmental protection, high quality and low price.

However, from some aspects, the use of aluminum alloys, such as surface treatment and recycling, has caused varying degrees of burden on the environment. Therefore, human technology needs to be improved in terms of environmental protection.

Aluminum Frame Profile Applications

  • Windows and Doors Frames in Construction

Door and window profiles are divided into sliding type and open type, heat insulation doors and windows are divided into wear strip heat insulation and injection glue heat insulation. Different types of doors and windows are equipped with different frames. Both environmental protection and energy saving and beautiful.

  • Assembly Line Frames In Industry

Industrial assembly line profile frame usually refers to slot series, 40*40mm, 80*80mm and other ready-made molds, durable and light, easy to assemble and disassemble.

  • Other Aluminum Frame Applications

Aluminum frames has a pivotal role in in construction and industrial field. Such as solar panel frames and railings, led display screen frames, office partition frames.

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