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Want to know the content of the Custom Aluminum Profile?

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As well as the T-slot aluminum extrusion profile in stock, MetalPlus accepts a wide range of custom-made aluminum profiles. Not only assists you to design aluminum extrusion drawings by providing free technical service but we help draw fully dimensioned drawings as per your physical samples freely.


What should be taken into consideration when custom-made aluminum profiles?

l Usage environment determines aluminum alloy and temper

Whether the product to be formed or shaped? Softer aluminum alloy may be more suitable when required a shaped product. Learn more about aluminum alloy and temper please click here


l Wall thickness

The thinner the section, the higher cost of extruding and time-consuming. The minimum wall thickness of the section that MetalPlus could accept is 0.9 mm.


l Surface Treatment

The reason why aluminum extrusion can be widely used is that aluminum extrusion has a variety of surface colors. Anodizing and powder coating are familiar to us, but there are some maybe we don’t know. Focus on our blog and you’ll know more.


Custom Made Aluminum Profiles Work

The aluminum profile is a commonly used industrial material at present. In addition to the commonly used specifications, it also involves a variety of custom aluminum extrusions. Customized products are developed according to users’ requirements, which are more specific and have a single application area. However, it is an integral part. The advantage of custom aluminum extrusion is that they are relatively dependent and can closely connect manufacturers and users. The following details are the introduction of custom-made aluminum profile-specific steps, for reference only.


The Steps of Custom Aluminum Extrusion:

Detailed understanding of product parameters according to usage requirements, such as specification, size, mechanical properties, configuration, etc. (the difficulty of product specification, size and structure will directly affect the cost input of tool/die and customization);

Based on the above information, technicians start to issue design drawings and technical parameters;

Both parties shall confirm the drawings and seal, the purpose is to confirm the implementation standards and test standards. Third-party testing can also be specified;

Tooling/die making;

According to the tool/die, the sample is extruded and sent to confirm. If the sample is correct, the mass production can be carried out.

Precision Control of Custom Aluminum Extrusion:

The requirement of precision extrusion technology for aluminum profiles is very strict. In the production process, there are strict requirements on extrusion equipment, extrusion die, and extrusion technology. The control range of product accuracy is ±0.04 mm.


Tool/die design accuracy and its material process, are the main factors that directly affect the quality and size precision of custom aluminum products. The selection of tool/die material must meet the requirements of high hardness, high temperature, and friction resisting.


Extrusion dies normal working environment temperature is at about 500 ℃. The yield strength of the die material under high temperature shall not be less than 1200N/mm2. The friction resistance under high temperature is mainly reflected in the hardness and thickness of the nitrification layer. Generally, the hardness of the nitride layer should be above 1150 HV and the thickness should be between 0.25 mm and 0.45 mm. The accuracy change of the die after nitrification should be controlled within 0.02 mm.


Cost Accounting of Custom Aluminum Extrusion:

Tool/die cost is calculated according to the degree of die complexity, specification and section size, and the required tonnage of the extruder.

If you want Aluminum Extrusion Profile and more products, please contact us.

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