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The application of aluminum profiles in construction

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In the architectural atmosphere, its applicability is more powerful: whether it is made into anodized light weight construction aluminum Profile or pre-rolled aluminum as outside wall surface materials, it is the best option for constructing roof covering and also interior and exterior design. Its unique advantages supply it with a broad market room.


What are the advantages of an anodized construction aluminum profile?

1. Strong steel structure and also attractive surface area;

2. The process is steady, and also the color as well as gloss correspond;

3. High toughness as well as solidity (hardness can be higher than glass after anodic oxidation), excellent monotony, and simple handling;

4. It has the features of anti-oxidation, anti-corrosion, anti-ultraviolet, strong weather condition resistance, no staining, no chalking, no peeling, as well as resilience;

5. High warmth resistance as well as high fire ranking (after anodizing treatment, the melting point can be substantially raised);.

6. High wear resistance, approximately 250-500 kg/mm2;

7. Great insulation, stand up to malfunction voltage approximately 2000V;

8. High self-cleaning residential property, the surface area is hard to gather dust, and also the maintenance, as well as cleaning price, is low;

9. It is an eco-friendly item, which will not trigger damage to the air and human body during production, handling as well as installation;

10. High recycling rate, the anodic light-weight aluminum oxide board can be recycled, and also the anodic oxide movie will certainly not influence the recycling.


How to stay clear of scrapes as well as scrapes on construction aluminum profiles?

Scratches, scratches are some of the most typical surface problems in the extrusion process of light weight construction aluminum profiles. The surface area of aluminum account extrusions has harsh longitudinal or horizontal grooves, scratches, as well as scratches that are recessed from the surface, are primarily caused by international things adhered to the mold., Or rough handling at the empty device. There are additionally increased scrapes at the corners of the item, which are brought on by splits in the extrusion pass away. Side scratches or scrapes are primarily because of the firmness of the cold bed when the item is moved from the slide-out table to the ended-up sawing table. The protruding objects will scrape the item, and some are caused by loading as well as taking care of.


The major removal techniques are:

1) The functioning belt of the extrusion pass away needs to be refined smoothly, and also the vacant cutter of the extrusion pass away ought to likewise be processed efficiently.

2) When mounting the mold, check very carefully to stop the mold with little splits from being made use of. Pay attention to the fillet distance when creating the mold.

3) Often check the cooling bed as well as finished product storage space table to prevent tough outcroppings from the ground up the product.

4) When packing, put a spacer that is softer than the product, and the transportation, as well as training, should be secure and also thoroughly operated.

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