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The advantages of aluminum extrusion enclosure for new product growth

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Why is it more advantageous to make use of aluminum profiles for the research and development of new items? The aluminum profile covering is a shell made of aluminum profile. Widely used in the fields of instrumentation tools, cockpit consoles, digital gadgets, communications, automation modern technology, sensing units, smart cards, industrial automation, accuracy equipment, and also tools. It is the shell device of current digital devices. Or lots of people intend to ask this concern, "Then why do electronic gadgets usually utilize aluminum cases?"


Nowadays, the covering materials of many electronic items are mostly aluminum alloy shells, and also aluminum alloy shells have become one of the mainstream products in the electronics sector. The aluminum covering is a kind of alloy raw product. Through method, we have actually done clinical research on the future advancement of electronic equipment for aluminum profile covers.


Now with the widespread use of mobile portable digital products, digital products are becoming a growing number prominent. When numerous producers are creating digital items, they are currently considering utilizing aluminum alloy to replace the original plastic shell, due to the fact that aluminum alloy products appear to be a lot more premium than plastic coverings, as well as are extra durable and also solid.


1. The aluminum cover has a little elastic coefficient and also will not generate triggers as a result of influence rubbing. It has good performance in automobile handling innovation.

2. The aluminum covering has no alloy contamination and poisoning, and also the surface area oxide layer is an alloy product that is not volatile.

3. Compared with various other alloy materials, the aluminum alloy covering has reduced thickness and light-weight.

4. The aluminum alloy shell has strong plasticity, high productivity, and also has excellent benefits in manufacturing layout.

5. The aluminum shell adopts a warmth treatment and also cool treatment procedure, which has solid corrosion resistance.

6. Aluminum covering has great forging efficiency.

7. The aluminum alloy shell has good expansion efficiency and also can be made with light alloys and high-grade materials of numerous steel aspects.

8. The surface area treatment qualities of the aluminum covering are better.

9. Aluminum shell is a recyclable steel material that is chemically steady, non-magnetic, and can be recycled a lot of times.


The above material is an introduction to the advantages of aluminum extrusion enclosure. Aluminum housings are not just as straightforward as toughness and also resilience. The thoroughly cast aluminum alloy housings can really serve various other purposes, bringing enjoyable and also ease to our lives, and also end up being a crucial part of our lives.


With the steady development of industrialization to modernization, the demand for energy-saving and environmentally-friendly items is increasing day by day. Aluminum alloy is the recommended material for energy-saving, weight-reducing, and environmentally-friendly items due to its reduced thickness, low melting factor, excellent handling efficiency, outstanding electric conductivity, as well as rust resistance.


As a result of the improper design of the marking die: crushing caused by the die itself; the die is as well limited, and also the part needs to be pried, as well as the space caused by prying.

Option: The firm should improve the high quality of mold repair work, as well as the aluminum covering mold should be nitrided consistently as well as strictly implemented in the nitriding process. Purely control the top quality of the chemical structure of the ingot; enhance the top quality of mold and mildew repair work, boost the precision of mold production, and regularly nitrate the mold and mildew and strictly execute the nitriding procedure specifications.

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