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How to select aluminum profiles

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The aluminum profile manufacturers on the market also adopt different production processes, and there are many kinds of products. Therefore, if you want to buy good aluminum profiles, you must learn how to buy them.


How to calculate the weight of aluminum profiles

We understand that aluminum profiles are long and straight, as well as each section is the same shape. If you want to calculate the weight of the lightweight aluminum profile, you have to have the aluminum profile area drawing and also the size of the account.



Just take the weighing and increase the unit cost of the aluminum account., the expense of the aluminum profile can be calculated. If it is a deep-processed aluminum profile, if there are numerous faces or holes drilled on it, the loss of these aluminum accounts should be counted, as well as some weight must be added to the real weight.



The theoretical weight is computed according to the drawing, and there will certainly be a certain mistake with the real item, however, the mistake is very small. The actual considered weight will certainly be more accurate. Some customers who come to inquire can not supply drawings or samples, so they send out a picture to ask for the cost, which makes our technicians incapable to begin. Some consumers gave the approximate dimension of the cross-section, the irregular cross-sectional area still needs detailed illustrations to compute the precise meter weight.


The way to choose industrial aluminum profiles

Each category of aluminum profiles consists of a range of specs and designs. One of the most generally used in industry is the 6063-T5 collection of aluminum profiles. For users, how to select the best model to make use of is a very important question. These aspects can be made use of as a reference for the option of industrial aluminum accounts.



1.Strength: Toughness refers to the maximum contortion capacity of industrial aluminum account that damages or surpasses the permitted restriction after being filled. It is every aluminum The standard needs that the profile has to satisfy.



2. Usage setting: The use atmosphere of industrial aluminum accounts is additionally a crucial basis for option. Clients can choose the called for industrial aluminum account models according to the manufacturing problems of their workshops.



3. Requirements for usage: When choosing the requirements as well as models of commercial aluminum profiles, individuals can choose the ideal aluminum profile models according to the carrying capability, mechanical properties, and also settings of the structure of the tool to be developed.



4. Appearance demands: If customers have limitations on the manufacturing price but no demands for the shade, they can pick the most basic silver-white, so the production cost is relatively low, and also the manufacturing workshop with special needs for the color can choose the shade they require, But the expense financial investment is larger.


In summary, it is very important to master the correct method to buy aluminum profiles, which can help us to buy the best quality Aluminum Extrusion Profile products at the most favorable price.

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