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How to install Solar Roof Hook

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The solar roofing system turning brace system has great flexibility for the style as well as preparation of industrial or civil roofing solar systems. It is utilized to mount common framed solar panels in parallel on the pitched roof.


Installation advantages

1. Easy to mount. The oblique mounting clip can be filled from any type of position of the aluminum alloy extrusion overview rail and also is pre-installed with the elevation of the clip as well as the hook to minimize the installation time and expense.

2. High toughness: Based on the style concept of 20-year life span and also 10-year quality assurance, all structural parts are made of high-strength stainless-steel and plated aluminum alloy to make certain the high resilience of the material.

3. To stand up to severe climate. The Swiss solar likely roof placing system is designed by experienced engineers in accordance with AS/NZS 1170 as well as various other global basic criteria to hold up against extreme weather conditions. The main load-bearing parts of the system have actually gone through various tests to guarantee their architectural load-bearing capability.

4. Wide applicability. The Swiss solar inclined roof covering placing system appropriates for all kinds of global mounted photovoltaic panels on the existing market to be set up on different kinds of roofs, from small planetary systems to large and even several megawatt systems. Service location.


The solar roof covering turning brace system has terrific adaptability for the style and planning of a business or civil roof covering solar systems. The Swiss solar likely roof installing system is developed by experienced engineers in accordance with AS/NZS 1170 as well as various other global basic criteria to stand up to extreme weather conditions. The Swiss solar likely roofing placing system is ideal for all kinds of global framed solar panels on the existing market to be installed on different types of roof coverings, from little solar systems to massive or also several megawatt systems.


Installment Precautions

1.Reduce working in the stormy weather. Solar modules can be captured in the wind and make you drop down.

2.Solar components that never tip or sit on a glass surface. The glass can damage, causing shock or physical injury. The component can likewise stop power generation.

3.Always supply added solar component brackets with extra parts. Making use of weaker components, such as also short screws, is dangerous and also might create the solar module or up and down.

4.Constantly utilize the prescribed devices. The solar module or installment may drop if the installment is not strong enough, for example when the components are not tightened up enough.

5.Does not change or cut components. This is dangerous. No warranty of security.

6.Products must be installed as well as preserved by personnel. Stop unauthorized workers from keeping away from solar components.

7.Figure out the on-site setup of wind lots. Please get in touch with your neighborhood building and construction and also protection department for special requirements. Guarantee that the roofing system framework can sustain the live and also dead tons caused by the installation of photovoltaic or pv ranges.

8.Mount solar components facing south, preferably. Something installed is also possible, although the quantity of power generation will be reduced.


Installment steps

1.Determine the place of the roof covering hook, according to your design.

2.The roof covering hook need to not be pressed against the roof covering ceramic tiles. Squash it. If needed, gasket the roofing hook with wood.

3.If required, utilize an angle mill as well as hammer-cut concave tiles to cover the roof hook at the factor where the roofing system hook is passed. (Warning! Repaired roofing hook ladder cannot be utilized, this extreme point tons might harm the ceramic tiles below.

4.Installment of rail roof hooks. Your tracks contain different lengths, constantly starting with the quickest item.

5.Ensure that the roofing structure can sustain the life as well as dead loads created by the installment of photovoltaic arrays.

6.The roof hook must not be pushed versus the roof ceramic tiles. If necessary, gasket the roofing system hook with wood.

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