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Do you want to know about aluminum channels?

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What Are Aluminum Channels?

Aluminum channels are a special kind of aluminum extrusion made use of for a range of structural applications. The key characteristics of a usual aluminum channel include two flanges sticking out from one side of a web that commonly appears like the letter C in cross-section.


How Are Aluminum Channels Made?

Straight extrusion solutions the die in location while the ram presses the billet with a hollow die. Indirect extrusion maintains the billet stationary while requiring the die, within a hollow ram, along its length.


Warm Extrusion. The process of extrusion takes place after the aluminum supply is warmed to full-plasticization (exceeding arrays between 800º as well as 1800º F, depending on alloy make-up), often executed within a vacuum cleaner to prevent oxidation.

Cold Extrusion. Processing of billets into extruded forms occurs at or near room temperature.

Cozy Extrusion. Extrusion happens after warming supply to a temperature level between 800º and 1800º F, depending upon alloy composition.

Correcting of light-weight aluminum extrusions on a stretcher adheres to the development process, making them prepared for shipping and also usage.


Aluminum Structural Shapes

Die layout establishes the different forms offered through the extrusion procedure, which can be easy or complex. For structural purposes, light-weight aluminum network extrusions usually can be found in one of 7 shapes:

l Angle

l T-Channel

l Beam

l C-Channel

l Zee Bar

l Tubes

l Bars

aluminum channel characteristics of Aluminum Channels

A number of distinguishing functions of aluminum channels make them an important service for a series of applications:


High Electric and also Warm Conductivity. The conductivity homes of aluminum are twice that of copper by weight, making it the most typical product utilized in large capability overhead high-voltage line.

Lightweight Strength. Light-weight aluminum has a high strength-to-weight proportion, making it the most effective solution where light-weight load-bearing is a challenge.

Warm Transfer and also Protecting. Where weight and also rigidity are significant factors to consider (aerospace applications), the warm transfer and also shielding residential properties of light-weight aluminum hold the benefit over copper shields.

Rust and also Rust Resistance. When subjected to air, light-weight aluminum creates an oxide covering that secures it against corrosion and also rust, improved via plating if needed.

Non-Magnetic. In applications where the magnetic residential or commercial properties of products produce concerns, the non-magnetic properties of light-weight aluminum are specifically important.

Non-Sparking. Because it does not trigger, light-weight aluminum is typically the best option for extremely combustible or eruptive applications.

100% Recyclable. During the procedure of recycling, aluminum amounts to virgin material without degradation. Furthermore, aluminum recycling needs just 5% of the energy input required to refine the virgin product.

Low toxicity and also high reflectivity are various other residential properties of the product that place aluminum networks among the leading choices. Users with applications that benefit from any one of these attributes want aluminum channels for the best solution.


100% Recyclable. During the process of recycling, aluminum is equivalent to virgin material without deterioration. Furthermore, light-weight aluminum recycling requires only 5% of the energy input needed to refine virgin material.


Industrial Uses of Aluminum Channels

Product selection is a crucial component in the manufacturing of a series of products. The buildings discussed over give exceptional or ample options to different obstacles from applications in different markets including:

The buildings of light-weight aluminum make aluminum channels the excellent service for X-ray devices, dialysis devices, healthcare facility beds, dental professional chairs, and also mobility devices.

Aluminum channels are utilized in chassis construction, as well as door, trunk, and also hood building and construction.

Aluminum channels allow for the building of lighter-weight traveler trains as well as commercial airplanes as well as ramps as well as packing devices used in the delivery branch of the sector.


These industries stand for a significant variety of applications for aluminum networks, but their usage is expanding throughout other sectors as the homes of light-weight aluminum supply the best service for lots of brand-new obstacles.

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