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Aluminum extrusion enclosure overview

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Aluminum enclosure is a kind of aluminum alloy material, made by extrusion process, can be used in various electronic fields. The difference between extruded aluminum enclosure and cast aluminum shell lies in the manufacturing process.

Aluminum profiles are now applied in more and more extensive fields, the current market of aluminum products is divided by segments, aluminum extrusion enclosure belongs to the field of electronic consumption. Such as mechanical and electrical housing, power housing, lamp housing, controller housing, instrument housing and so on.

What are the advantages of aluminum extrusion enclosure compared with the traditional plastic shell and other base metal shell?

1. Aluminum extrusion enclosure density is small and weight is light.

Compared with other non-ferrous metals, aluminum extrusion enclosure can obtain a lighter weight compared to the volume, and the structural heat dissipation is better. Now the high-grade automobile engine cylinder block mostly uses the cast aluminum cylinder block instead of the cast iron can well explain everything.

2. Strong plasticity, good productivity, good casting performance.

We know that the process of aluminum profile shell is formed by hot extrusion process, if it is changed to iron, it is difficult to achieve in the existing process, the easy cutting performance of aluminum is much higher than that of base metals.

3. Strong corrosion resistance, easy surface treatment.

General iron parts are easy to combine with water in the air and produce oxidation rust, but there is no such problem on the aluminum extrusion enclosure. Aluminum profiles have good oxidation resistance, and can form an oxidation film to prevent metal corrosion in the humid air. And after surface treatment, will adapt to a variety of scenarios.

4. Economy of aluminum enclosure profile.

As we know, aluminum has a good cost performance ratio. Compared with copper and other non-ferrous metals, it has a price advantage, and copper is 4 times more expensive than aluminum by weight. With the development of electrolytic aluminum technology, the price of aluminum has indisputable advantages in the future, and the recycling value of aluminum is quite high.

Other advantages and disadvantages of Aluminum extrusion enclosure

Aluminum processing of the shell, high flexibility, depth can be arbitrarily cut, generally there are internal circuit board slot, as long as the circuit board directly inserted, no need to be fixed, convenience is incomparable to other types of shell.

The disadvantage is that the Aluminum enclosure is generally poor waterproof, not suitable for use in the wild and harsh environment.

In the case customization, more and more customers prefer to use aluminum extrusion enclosure instead of engineering plastics and other non-ferrous metals, MetalPlus has also invested more energy in the aluminum extrusion enclosure profile customization, and continues to adapt to the market demand and development.

Aluminum extrusion enclosure

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