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What is Extruded Al Electric Motor Housing Profile?

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Aluminium Motor, additionally referred to as Al motor enclosure, could be a reasonably Al shell with the extrusion forming, which may be accustomed place instrument mensuration tools and different applications. Typically together with the shell, panel, lining plate, support, and different parts. The Al motor housing is especially accustomed defend the interior elements.


Why You Choose Aluminum Electric Motor Housing Profile?


The hot extruded aluminum alloy motor casing has the advantages of a lightweight, high strength, good heat dissipation, a beautiful and elegant surface, corrosion resistance, and a cutting-free inner chamber. Due to the poor concentricity between the housing and the end cover in the traditional processing of aluminum alloy motor housing, the operation noise of the motor with aluminum alloy housing is high. According to the processing method of aluminum alloy motor casing, a machining tool for aluminum alloy motor casing is designed. This tooling can realize the processing of two end stops of aluminum alloy motor casing at the same time after one snap-in, and the concentricity of the inner hole of aluminum alloy motor casing can reach ≤0.02mm, which can improve the production efficiency more than twice and solve the problem of noisy aluminum alloy motor casing motor.


The analysis and development of extruded Al shell have with success replaced the Al casting shell. as a result of it solves the issues of consistency, sand hole, and different defects caused by the poor material density of solid Al. At constant time, the matters of surface roughness and low corrosion resistance of solid Al square measure settled.


Modern exactitude process instrumentality (CNC machines) improves the potency of the deep process of Al motor housing.


At constant time, the matter of surface roughness and corrosion resistance of solid Al-alloy mechanical device shell is solved. The error of finish cowl circularity (Holy governable at Inner hole circularity is a smaller amount than zero.07 mm) is very tiny. the electrical machine motor runs additional swimmingly and quietly.


Advantages of Extruded Al Motor Body


Extruded Al housing is superior to different materials in cooling. The motor can generate the quantity of warmth within the operating method, whereas the Al motor shell can keep the temperature inside a precise vary once operating for many hours. we all know that Al incorporates a high thermal solubility. supported such characteristics, the makers of speed reducer motors within the market use Al shell.


The aluminum motor body is lightweight in weight. this is often determined by the metal properties of Al alloy. On the idea of such characteristics, Al motor casing is wide employed in social unit appliances, like soya milk machine, juicer, blender so on.


Aluminum alloy has sensible physical property. particularly alloy 6063, has wonderful physical property. numerous shapes of Al motor body square measure out there. It greatly enriches the top customers’ alternative of motor look.



The application varies of Al motor housing is wide. it's wide employed in instruments, natural philosophy, communications, automation, sensors, sensible CARDS, industrial management, exactitude machinery, and different industries. once applied to decoration or special occasions, the surface of Al motor housing has to be anodized and coated to get the corresponding color and surface tissue.




There square measure several producing processes of Al motor body. it's concerned with exactitude machinery, fine industry, micro-machining, magnetic material process, winding producing, insulation treatment, and different technologies.


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