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How to Pick Solar mid clamp

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During the installment of solar panels, we need clamps to deal with the photovoltaic panels on the rail. So how to select a photovoltaic panel clamp correctly?

Generally, the photovoltaic panel clamp is chosen according to the density of the solar panel to be mounted.


Solar mid clamp:

When choosing solar mid-clamp, you likewise need to understand the thickness of the solar panels to be set up. Usually, the size of the solar mid-clamp is fixed. The difference from the solar end clamp is the bolt. Bolts of various lengths are used on photovoltaic panels of different densities.

As an example: If your solar panel is 1960 x 992 x 40mm, the screw will be M8x50.


When selecting a solar panel clamp, you can pick to purchase a screw as well as a nut, or simply clamp. Be sure to validate the height of the solar end clamp and the length of the screw utilized by the solar mid clamp.


If you wish to install a solar energy system on a metal roof, how do you select an appropriate installment plan?

There are several sorts of metal roofing systems, such as standing seam steel roof covering, corrugated galvanized steel roofing, trapezoid steel roofing system. Various color steel floor tile types utilize various installation schemes.


Setup options that can be made use of on tin roofing systems.

1. Adjustable solar racking

This flexible solar racking system can readjust the installment angle of the solar panels to make the power generation performance of the solar panels as high as feasible. Prior to installation, you need to confirm the distance between the roofing system beam of lights.

2. Clamp

Bountiful types of clamp represent different color steel tile types. It is required to validate the floor tile type prior to installation, and then choose the suitable clamp. If the clamp is selected improperly, it will affect the installment effect or even fail to make use of it. The roofing system clamp does not require to penetrate the roofing system, it does not damage the roofing or trigger a water leak. It is a very good choice.

3. Little rail

This installment scheme conserves materials and also is easy to set up. Use self-tapping skews to nail the small track to the roofing beam, and after that make use of the photovoltaic panel clamp to repair the solar panel.

4. L foot

The L foot is likewise an extremely typical setup solution utilized on metal roofing systems. Fix the L foot on the wood or steel beam, use the L foot to sustain the rail, and lastly deal with the photovoltaic panel on the rail. Setup is basic and also convenient.


It is needed to verify the tile kind prior to installment, and also after that choose the appropriate clamp. If the clamp is picked inaccurately, it will certainly influence the setup effect or also fall short to utilize. The roof clamp does not need to permeate the roofing system, it does not damage the roofing or cause water leakage.If you want to know more professional end clamp products, you can visit our website.

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